How to prune hibiscus

With proper care, hibiscus can bloom almost all year round, but its flowering was abundant, it is necessary to make pruning of the plant.

Usually cut Chinese rose in the period from August to October. Pruning the plant is necessary over the kidney facing outward. Before proceeding to the formation of the Bush, decide what shape you want to give him.

If you wish to form a low plant, the 3-4 main branches of hibiscus need to partially trim. Remove basal suckers and all available at the hibiscus weak shoots. If you don't want to transplant Chinese rose in a pot larger, it is necessary to make pruning the roots. Carefully remove the roots to 1/3 part. This should be done only if you have experience in pruning, as improperly performed procedure can result in death of the plant.

If you want to form a Chinese rose on the principle of a standard tree, then you need to constantly prune the side shoots. This should be done as long as the hibiscus reaches the required height. Then simply trim the tip of the plant and the growth stops. It should be borne in mind that the stem of hibiscus should stay 5-6 shoots. It is these side shoots will form the crown of a standard tree.

How to transplant a hibiscus

Transplanting Chinese rose needed primarily to enhance its growth. This is very similar to transplanting other plants, but if the hibiscus is too big and resembles a small tree, replant it, you should be especially careful, follow some simple rules.

Before proceeding to transplant hibiscus should be watered abundantly the plant. This will help you to easily remove the roots with a clod of earth from the pot.

In a new pot, pour the expanded clay. It will protect the plant roots from rotting in case of excess irrigation.
Place in a pot some soil, then carefully remove the hibiscus from the old pot and put in a new one.

Take the earth and gently cover her basic kom, with slightly com pressed by the roots in the pot to give the plant stability. To Bush hibiscus fell under its own weight, slide the support into the ground and gently tie the plant to it.

After transplantation pour Chinese rose and cover the soil in the pot with foil. This will help the hibiscus to take root faster and adapt to new conditions. After 2-3 days, the tape must be removed.