The solution to the money issue will depend on financial possibilities of the families of the bride and groom. Some people have the ability to pay for the huge costs of the wedding, others have to take a lot of money to borrow and then look for opportunities to return the borrowed amounts.

Where can I get money for a big wedding?

  1. To get a Bank loan for the wedding celebration. Now banking institutions provide loyal and acceptable conditions of crediting, so if the bride and groom reached the age of majority, they can easily take the required amount of the loan and begin making your wedding dreams come true.
  2. If the future newlyweds prosperity small, you can start saving money in advance. Having made a kind of piggy Bank, you can save money on purchasing small accessories for the wedding. This method will not help save up for all the triumph immediately, but these funds will probably be enough to purchase beads, ribbons, rings for the wedding procession and other details for decoration. For some time (e.g. years) you need to set aside each month a certain amount from the wages of the bride and groom. But it should be done regularly.
  3. The money for the wedding you can save money on a special Bank card. Using escrow services for a year to save a decent amount, and get a certain percentage from the Deposit.
  4. Having some knowledge, you can get the money for the wedding with income from securities. This option promises to be effective, but only in the case when before the wedding is not less than one year.
  5. In the presence of financial and economic knowledge, you can try to make money on currency transactions. When using this option, it is better to operate in several currencies. If one currency will fall in price, then the other, of course, will bring a profit.
  6. To the wealthy people likely to receive income from the storage of gold bullion. In this case, you will not be able to obtain a large income from the storage of gold ornaments and precious stones, as these products vary greatly in price.

To solve the issue of financing the wedding, the bride and groom should independently, proceeding from own financial possibilities and additional sources (for example, parental support).