Money as a wedding gift

The amount of the gift is a very delicate question, because a lot will depend on your financial capabilities, and who is getting married.

In principle, for the wedding in General you can not go, if you are getting married a little-known people, and the invitation most likely was formal.
If you are invited to the wedding the most close and dear people, they are likely to be much more important is your presence, not how much you give.

In the second case, you should not worry much about the monetary amount, if the wedding is scheduled not too big. Most importantly, to make a gift of a pure heart and a good soul. The couple will definitely appreciate such a gift. Also, do not forget about the fact that it is now fashionable to give money, so this gift is likely to come a few guests. Therefore, even a small amount can turn into a large monetary contribution at the unification of all monetary gifts.

Whether it is worth to give money for the wedding?

Cash gifts until recently it was not customary to give. Such gifts were considered questionable and could embarrass the newlyweds. But now the couple are happy when they give the wedding money as they can spend them on what they need most.

If the couple is conservative not configured, and a cash gift issue is not, is to resolve the issue with the amount. For a start, imagine yourself in the place of the newlyweds. They will have to create your own life, which has nothing. The first thing newlyweds need is a small and large household appliances. In principle, you could have to buy it, but a gift can do and other guests.

Perhaps the newlyweds will be donated to several vacuum cleaners, but any of the washing machine and Vice versa. Therefore it is better to give the amount that you could zatrati for a particular gift.

There is another option. If you know the newlyweds well enough, you can learn the approximate cost of a wedding. In this case, the amount of the gift will be determined easy. But do not forget that there may be additional costs for a variety of cash contests, for example, to purchase pieces of the wedding cake. It is also common and symbolic fees "diaper".

Usually people give to the wedding about 5 thousand rubles. If financial capabilities allow you to spend a larger amount, you can give a donation of 10 or 15 thousand rubles. The rich relatives of the newlyweds sometimes give even 50 thousand. These numbers depend only on the thickness of the purse of the giver.