For tasty meals is always in need of fresh and quality products. The basis of syrniki is cheese. It can be fat or skim, but not too sour and fresh. Optimal fat cottage cheese – 7-18%, its texture should be smooth and without grains. If the curd is dry, it is possible to mitigate a small amount of cream, milk or yogurt. Curd should not be too wet, otherwise it will have to add more semolina or flour that can make a dish "rubber".

Ideally, the curd preferably through a sieve – this ensures a uniform and delicate texture.

Except for the cheese part of the cheesecake can log on wheat flour, flour, bran, semolina or starch. These ingredients need to bind moisture. Essential ingredient is eggs, which the cakes will not fall apart during frying. You can use the whites and yolks or just yolks, due to which the cheese will turn a nice color. Dietary options are used exclusively proteins.

Since pancakes can be sweet, salty, tangy or spicy, they can be very different ingredients. Most common: sugar, dried apricots, raisins, vanilla, dried cranberries, herbs, garlic, dried vegetables.

To make cheese cakes were well cooked, they should be of small diameter. The optimal size is cheesecake made out of dough that you can grab a Cup of regular table spoon.

You can bake the cheesecakes in the oven, but traditionally they are fried, so the dishes were mouth-watering Golden brown. Best for frying use a non-stick pan or pan with a thick bottom.

Fry the cakes you need on the pre-heated frying pan, over medium heat, then they will be baked and will not burn. While cooking, the pan is recommended to cover.