In the treatment of edema, the initial dose of the drug "Diacarb" is 125-375 mg. the amount of medication you need to take 1 times a day, in the morning. To drink "Diacarb" should be 2 days in a row or in a day, then you need to make a break of one day. If therapeutic effect is achieved, the drug can be discontinued.
In the treatment of open-angle glaucoma and also acute attacks of this disease, "Diacarb" you need to take 250 mg 1-4 times a day. In secondary glaucoma the dose is 250 mg, the drug should be drunk every 4 hours. In some cases, the desired effect is achieved when the receiving means 2 times a day.
Children in the treatment of glaucoma the drug given on the basis of body weight. Daily dosage is 10-15 mg/kg body weight. The amount of the drug "Diacarb" children need to be given for 3-4 times. Treatment must be carried out for 4-5 days. The exact duration of the course should be determined by the doctor.
In the treatment of epilepsy adults should take "Diacarb" 1 times a day 250-500 mg 3 day course. Next, you should take a break 1 day, then repeat the treatment. While receiving "Diacarb" with other anticonvulsants, the treatment should start with 250 mg per day, and later, if necessary, increase the dose.
Epilepsy in children the dosage depends on the age. Children 4-12 months should be given 50 mg of "Diacarb" a day for children 1-3 years 50-125 mg. Specified amount means consume 1-2 reception. Children 4-18 years: 125-250 mg "Diacarb" 1 times a day.
When mountain sickness "Diacarb" take 1-2 days before ascent. The dosage is 500-100 mg per day, with the rapid rise should use a maximum dose. The daily amount is divided into several stages. In the case of the onset of symptoms of altitude sickness therapy should continue for 2 or more days.