You will need
  • mask or oxolinic ointment;
  • - vitamins.
If until maternity leave period you are working, take preventive measures not to get sick. In areas with large concentrations of people, for example, on the way to work and back, public transport, shops - to protect the mask or pre-lubricate the nasal passages oxolinic ointment.
A good preventive measure against the common cold is gargling after brushing teeth. This procedure clears the tonsils from the disease-causing bacteria, removes from the nasopharyngeal mucus, which is a good breeding ground for various microorganisms. Gargle with plain water, strongly tilting the head. Continue until, until expectoration of mucus and there is a feeling of free breathing.
Daily maintain the body with fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are useful not only due to its vitamin and mineral composition but also tissue. Because it absorbs in the intestine all harmful substances, normalizes its peristalsis, restores intestinal microflora. In the walls only a healthy bowel produces interferon is a protective protein substance that increases the immune system. The same beneficial effect has yogurt. A glass of this drink at night has on the gut beneficial, as it promotes the development of bifidobacteria and lactic bacteria and prevents constipation.
Stick to the principles of healthy eating. Avoid large quantities of farinaceous food. It creates problems with the intestines, contributes to the accumulation in the body of mucus, shifts the acid-alkaline balance and weakens the body. Make your diet varied and balanced. If the daily menu is not enough vitaminsvitamin products, eat dried fruit and, in addition, be sure to take vitamins.
Don't rule out physical exertion during pregnancy. Of course, if there are no contraindications. Moderate playing sports not only prepare the muscles for childbirth, but also help to prevent colds during pregnancy. And it is by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Because the risk of catching a cold is in the summer time, avoid drafts, air conditioners, drinking cold beverages, especially in hot weather, changes in temperature, for example, coming out of the bathroom.
Fall asleep at the open window or 2-3 times a day to ventilate the room. Good ventilation of the lungs increases resistance to pathogens. Sleep at least 7-8 hours. Because lack of sleep lowers the immune system. Moisturize the room air. Dry nasal mucosa vulnerable to various bacteria.
Please yourself with little things, small and big purchases, enjoy your position, look forward to the birth of the baby. Try to get only positive emotions. They stimulate the production of hormones, positive effect on the immune system.