You will need
  • disk to a colostomy bag;
  • bag colostomy bag;
  • liquid for cleaning the skin (cleanser);
  • - leveling paste (paste sealant);
  • - liquid film for protection of the skin;
  • cream for wound healing;
  • - elastic waistband;
  • - bottle of hot water.
To change a colostomy bag, unbuckle the bag from a disk (if using a two-component bags). To remove the disc itself is better in the shower. Gently peel off the disc of the colostomy bag from the skin, without touching the mucosa of the colon. The skin around the stoma, rinse with water and soap. If you have some sealant, it is possible to end do not remove. After a shower, wipe yourself off with a towel. It is advisable to stick a new drive about 20-30 minutes to let the skin "rest". If there is abrasion or irritation, apply some special healing cream, and leave it for 30-40 minutes. A special cream can be replaced with bepanthene.
Cream for healing wounds
Hold the disc (plate) of the colostomy bag and, without removing the backing off the adhesive part, cut a hole of suitable diameter (the diameter depends on the size of the stoma). It is advisable not to cut too large a hole to the contents of the intestine are not in contact with unprotected skin. On each disk there is a markup that helps to cut the appropriate diameter hole. Pour in the bottle of hot water (water temperature about 50 degrees) and put the plate on the heater for a few minutes. The glue warms up a bit and drive better stick to the body.
Disk (plestina) a colostomy bag
Take a horizontal position. Apply a bit of cleanser (it is also called, cleanser) on a cotton pad and gently treat the skin around the stoma. Special product cleans and has disinfecting effect. If previously the cream was applied for healing, it's important to cleanse thoroughly.
Cleanser company Coloplast
Take means to protect the skin. It is either in a small bottle with an applicator or impregnated wipes in disposable packages. The liquid has a pungent smell of acetone, it dries quickly and creates a protective film. Clean the skin around the stoma protector.
The means for skin protection
If there are defects or irregularities around the stoma, apply a special leveling paste (or also called the sealant). It will help fill holes and drive a colostomy bag better stick. The same paste can be applied on the edge of the stoma, it will protect the delicate mucous membranes of the intestines from injury by the plate colostomy bag.
Paste sealant for clearing skin
Take the prepared plate colostomy bag, remove the release film from the adhesive side and carefully attach the plate. Stoma itself should get into the cut hole. If the plate has "ears", they must be located left and right of the stoma. Firmly press the plate to the skin. Put on a plate bag colostomy bag and snap the lock. Bag bottom close with the special cap. From one component of the colostomy bag and the plate is connected directly. Attach the elastic belt to one of the "eye" of the drive, slide the belt back and attach it to the other "ear". The belt allows the disk to fit snugly to the body, providing additional fixation of the colostomy bag.