You will need
  • administrator of Vkontakte group
The administrator is the highest position in the group after the Creator of the group. He has the authority not possessed by other members of the community, even if they were moderators or editors. To appoint an administrator you can only if you are the group Creator or group Creator made you an admin. In this case, you can "reward" the same rights anyone else from community members.
Visit your community. On the right, directly under the group menu, find the line "community Management" (at the top), click on it.
Opens the preferences window with multiple tabs: by default, the first open "Information", but you will need the following, "Members". The top of the page click on this tab.
You will see a list of participants, next to each name, on the right, you will see the line "to Appoint the head". Choose a suitable candidate and click on this button next to its name.
Now this person appears in the list of "Leaders". It can proceed by clicking the appropriate icon above the list (it's next to "All participants" and "Invitations").In the tab "Heads" next to each name, just to the right, you will see "Edit". Clicking on it, you will be able to clarify the duties of the head by selecting from the proposed levels of authority. The moderator can delete users add materials and manage the black list community. The editor may write on behalf of the community, add, remove and edit content, update your main photo. The administrator, along with all of the above, may appoint and remove other admins, change the name and address of the community.
In the same window, you can enable the administrators of the terminal block on the main page of the group. To their name and contacts (phone, email) you can add any clarifying caption to the post. Don't forget to click "Save".