In winter, the stove car the Gazelle plays a key role, providing in salon of the minibus a comfortable temperature for the passengers and driver. If the stove is out of order and in need of repair to properly remove the stove on the Gazelle, first read its schema and stock up on necessary car tools. Carefully remove the torpedo from the stove of your van, preventing damage from the stove alternately disconnect all control cables and hoses, pulling the heater of the car in one piece.
Wanting to remove the stove car the Gazelle, review the structure of stoves and other domestic cars and vans. For example, the stove of the Russian SUV, the Niva has a similar structure, so the details you can use to repair and upgrade the heating device of your van. To remove the oven from Gazelle is only half the work to implement the repair. Proceed with careful and correct analysis of the heating device. Loosen with a wrench, four located at the top of the van nuts, but try hard to keep the bolts using the wrench "ten".
Unscrew the bolts and to dismantle the stove on Gazelle, separate the cap of the motor from heater. First, remove the cap, being careful not to damage it, and then fan the stove. Remove the gasket located under the fan, take a medium screwdriver and remove the two screws from the mounting of the fan, then separate the impeller from the shaft of the motor car heater. Take off located on the heater resistor, and separate from her protective casing, completing the final stage in the disassembly of the heater.
After disassembling the stove, identify the reasons for its malfunction that will reveal your next steps. If the heater of the van lends itself to further renovation, change it faulty parts for new parts, selecting either "native" parts for stoves Gazelle, or old parts from a previously disassembled automotive ovens SUV Niva. If the interior of your van constantly cold, despite properly operating heating appliance, upgrade the very the stove. To do this, place the device in a normal heat-sink at the entrance.