Tasty and healthy

Broccoli is a very important element of the diet, as it contains fiber and a range of b vitamins, E,K, PP and C. broccoli is rich in phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, sulfur and manganese.

Broccoli is sold not only fresh but also frozen, which simplifies storage and cooking. This cabbage can be boiled, stew in various sauces, fried, served as a separate dish, in salads or as a garnish for meat and fish.

Periodic eating dishes prepared with broccoli, will help to improve the nervous and endocrine systems, to excrete excess water and salt, and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

How to cook

Broccoli can be served raw, so it retains maximum amount of nutrients. Thoroughly rinse the cabbage and carefully separate the florets.

You can boil the broccoli, the cabbage has softened. In salted boiled water, place the washed florets and cook until tender.
In addition, broccoli florets, lightly fried in butter with salt and pepper. Cabbage will lose some nutrients, but will have new flavors.

You can also saute the broccoli in some sauce. For example, in garlic butter sauce. For this you will need:

- broccoli – 500 g;
- sour cream or cream – 100 ml;
- salt – to taste;
- pepper – to taste;
butter – for frying;
- garlic – 2-3 PCs

Peel garlic from skin and chop as fine as possible. On a heated pan put a little butter and saute the garlic until the appearance of the characteristic garlic aroma. Then place in a pan small washed broccoli florets. If using frozen Kale, defrost it beforehand is optional. Fry cabbage until soft, then add salt, pepper, pour sour cream or cream, add a couple of tablespoons of water and simmer until tender.

If desired, you can put out broccoli a little longer, viparis most of the sauce, and cover the cabbage with grated cheese. To cheese has melted, cover the pan with a lid. Get a delicious flavorful dish that will be enjoyed by children and adults.

In addition, it often happens that broccoli is added to various casseroles of meat and vegetables. For greater brilliance, mixed with broccoli buds cauliflower and add a bit of canned corn.