You will need
  • a driver's license or temporary permit;
  • - registration documents for the vehicle;
  • - the insurance policy;
  • for professional drivers: waybills, cargo documents etc.
First and foremost, from the driver required driving license or a temporary permit with the corresponding vehicle is allowed category. Of course, it should not be expired.
In the case that the vehicle drives a foreign citizen staying on the RF territory temporarily, he is entitled to drive a vehicle, having a driver's license international or national sample, but decorated according to the international Convention on road traffic.
If a foreign national stays in Russia on a permanent basis, then on the expiry of 60 days from the date of obtaining the right of permanent residence, his driver's license national sample becomes invalid.
Another document – a certificate of registration of the vehicle. If the vehicle is operated with a trailer, you must pass the evidence onto the trailer. An exception is provided for drivers of mopeds.
The necessary document - the insurance policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owner.
This document is not needed:
- owners of vehicles that cannot reach speeds above 20 km/h;
- drivers hardware belonging to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation;
- drivers of vehicles registered and insured in a foreign state, provided its temporary use on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The drivers engaged in the vehicle professional activities, you need to have a whole package of documents, the waybill proving that the employer requested the driver perform a certain labor tasks, checking the vehicle's integrity and the health of the driver.
Drivers carrying passengers must be in possession of documents that allow implementation of this type of activity (licenses, license cards, access cards, etc.).
And drivers that perform the shipping, the necessary documents stating the shipper, what is transported, how many, where and who is the consignee (consignment notes, powers of attorney, etc.).
If the goods are bulky or heavy, or dangerous, you need additional documents, stipulated by the rules.