You will need
  • Politeness, formality, legal knowledge
Do not ignore the requirements of the inspector, go with him into direct contact, otherwise you may be suspected of criminal acts. For example, if on the road stopped by a traffic police inspector, don't try to pass them, pretending that it never happened. You still catch up, it does not wait for a friendly relationship.
Inspector love official tone. So, first find out his position, surname, name, patronymic, view business card. Your appeal to him should be respectful and polite, for example, you can safely call him by his name or, more reasonably, saying, "Comrade (sir) the inspector". Avoid to show familiarity when communicating.
Talking with officials, do not fuss and do not be nervous, do not be afraid, otherwise the inspector will suspect that something is wrong. Your voice needs to sound loud and confident. If you have been asked to show any documents, provide them as quickly as possible. It is important only that the inspector did not exceed their authority. For this you need to be legally savvy person, familiar with all the requirements prescribed in the legislation.
In case of detection of any problems try to peacefully negotiate with the inspector, after coming to a compromise that will satisfy both sides. Every civil servant is a person who can understand your situation. For example, if you don't have the required documents, you have to demonstrate to the authorised person later.
If the inspector detects a violation, did not prevent him to make the report. When the document is completed, you can agree with its contents, signature, or Express disagreement with the refusal to sign. In the latter case, you are going to participate in the litigation, which will determine who is right and who is wrong.
In any case, strive to go with the inspector on a peaceful note. In any case, do not insult him and do not apply bodily injury, even if your views on an issue differ widely.