Impact of time. Put the subject in a magically active place. First, in any region there are infinitely many such places. Second, you don't have to spend on the creation of the artifact, any special efforts or abilities. Only need to arrange transportation of the subject. The negative side of this technique lies in the fact that in order for the subject of charging, you will have to wait quite a long time, at least six months. Even better to withstand the artifact to twenty times longer if you have the guarantee that it does not pack there.
Use the character value. Over the millennia of human existence the characters through the re-use of left his a cliché in the information field of the planet. To apply them on any surface to give an object a new information matrix. For example, you can use Norse runes, symbols of the Celts, the East and the Kabbalah. The advantage of this method of creation of the artifact lies in the relative simplicity. The difficulty is that you should not only know but also understand the meaning of the symbols that are going to portray. Consider the geographic location of some of them. Remember that the rune may look different than the quality that she has.
Guide the ritual, which is the traditional procedure of making magic. Go to question fundamentally, because you are not interested in, to bring rain or to drive out demons. Remember that the complexity of the manipulation, only external, and often just imaginary. You, as the Creator of the artifact will be full-fledged head of the process, define it from the beginning to the end and get exactly the item that you need.
Use a combined technique. All of these methods of transformation of objects into artifacts , you can in their capabilities to combine. So you reduce the disadvantages of some methods and, on the contrary, will strengthen the dignity of others.