Advice 1: How to learn to live for today

During the instability in the world and society, people live not easy. Often because of concerns about the future of the overlooked joys of the present. Happier you can, if you learn to live for today.
How to learn to live for today
Remember the old wisdom that the people have power only over the current day. The future is shaped at the moment, and the past cannot be changed. Constant worry is not able to do something constructive, so there is no point endlessly to build the scenarios. Autocyte yourself from scrolling in mind negative situations. Of course, radically once and for all to prevent yourself it will not work. So allot yourself some time specifically for this, for example, during training (instead of the music player) or in the evening - one hour to devote to planning, during which you will reflect on the bad. Time is up – take care of business today. And no concessions themselves.
Train yourself to enjoy the little things in the morning. Nice shower, delicious Breakfast, hot coffee for a special recipe, a cheerful voice leading on your favorite radio - all this should be part of a special ritual beginning of the day. It distracts from thinking and allows you to feel the here and now, enjoy every minute of it. When washing dishes, rejoice as it becomes clean again, and do not wander in the labyrinths of the mind (and the dishes will be more whole). In every single minute, try to do everything more efficiently. And then in the end you don't have to worry about the results. Simply because every moment was a success.
Remember that tomorrow is the ability to do something may not be. So act today, and do sit down at work right now. Do as one of the famous people, put yourself on the desktop with a sign that says "today". After all, this is the most important day of your life, because it can be changed, he can clearly see and projected much better than a vague tomorrow. Things are changing so rapidly that you should only count on today.

Advice 2 : How to live for today?

Many people have heard the expression "carpe diem" – seize the moment. However, few really know how to live for today and instead catch the moment, catch the dust in apartments, lying on the couch. Let's learn, find it "that moment"!
How to live for today?

1. If you want to live in the present, do not delay anything. The longer you postpone it, the harder it then is to take.

2. Reduce the time devoted to watching television. Some of us come home and sit in front of the TV all day for hours on end. We know what music is played at the Intro of the series, but don't know the name of the Vice President. If people stopped watching TV at least two hours a day and began to read books, they would be much more reasonable.

3. Some of us, when he reached home, sleep all day long. But a shame if a person's idea of output is to sleep all day. As the Bible says, a little sleep, a little slumber and poverty will quickly come to you. Instead of all the time to sleep, get up and go to a seminar or enlist in the local community, do something useful.

I always ask people: what inscription they would like to see on your tombstone? You want it to say, that this man worked hard, loved to help everyone, or was smart? Or do you want it to be empty? And remember the phrase: "If you have nothing nice to say, better not say anything". Think about it, remind yourself that you live only once and we must try not to sleep through life. When you say it yourself, you will understand how stupid it would be to waking life. Stop procrastinating and seize the day!

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