1. If you want to live in the present, do not delay anything. The longer you postpone it, the harder it then is to take.

2. Reduce the time devoted to watching television. Some of us come home and sit in front of the TV all day for hours on end. We know what music is played at the Intro of the series, but don't know the name of the Vice President. If people stopped watching TV at least two hours a day and began to read books, they would be much more reasonable.

3. Some of us, when he reached home, sleep all day long. But a shame if a person's idea of output is to sleep all day. As the Bible says, a little sleep, a little slumber and poverty will quickly come to you. Instead of all the time to sleep, get up and go to a seminar or enlist in the local community, do something useful.

I always ask people: what inscription they would like to see on your tombstone? You want it to say, that this man worked hard, loved to help everyone, or was smart? Or do you want it to be empty? And remember the phrase: "If you have nothing nice to say, better not say anything". Think about it, remind yourself that you live only once and we must try not to sleep through life. When you say it yourself, you will understand how stupid it would be to waking life. Stop procrastinating and seize the day!