Most often when severe inflammation and swelling of hemorrhoids proctology assign "Proctosedyl", which includes antibiotic and drug. When properly used the risk of side effects is minimal. Ointment reasonably well helps with hemorrhoids.

"Gepatrombin-G contains large amounts of heparin, which improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate edema. There is and drug. Apply the ointment recommended for use not more than 7 days, but during that time usually all the symptoms of hemorrhoids pass.

"Bezornil" is an all - natural ointment, to which many are skeptical. In fact, it helps to defeat even the most advanced hemorrhoids, a proctologist is recommended to treat surgically. The ointment is not very expensive, but you need to use it for a long time. Usually the course of treatment is 14 days.

The doctor Proctozone" come to the aid of those who suffer from pain. In addition, during use, the observed elimination of itching, reduction of hemorrhoids. Ointment helps heal skin blemishes.