At literature lessons after reading the next story teachers often offer to perform simple at first glance, a comparative analysis of two characters. While students are not offered any plan to help. To cope with the task they need to do.

To begin, proceed as follows: to begin, decide what characters will be compared. Note that not necessarily they must be key. You can also choose secondary characters, but to indicate why their.
Next you need to find the total of selected characters. Here the most important is the mentality, Outlook, attitude, etc. you Need to understand the views of these people, as their position in life (whether it whether they support each other in this).

You also need to describe the qualities of character (kindness, mutual aid, compassion, dependence, spoiled, commitment, etc.). Tell us about the relationship of the characters with others, their behavior in different situations.
After describing General are invited to tell about the differences between the characters. Probably, the author gave them some specific properties that distinguish from each other.
Then you should tell us more about the author's position in relation to these two heroes. Most likely, the writer compares them in his text. Here you must specify, sympathetic or, conversely, treat them with hostility. Try to guess why so and not otherwise, the author describes the characters.
And the last thing you need to do is to Express their own opinions at the expense of compare characters. It is not necessary to treat imprisonment lightly, because the ending is an important part of your job. Describe your feelings about the characters, who you liked and who is not, and every answer must be justified.