The gearbox in the car is necessary for distribution transmitted from the engine torque between the driven wheels. Structurally, the car gear is a bevel gear transmission accommodated in a separate housing.

Depending on the type of car, the gearbox is located on the front or rear axle, and four-wheel drive presupposes the existence of two gears, as the torque in this case is distributed between all wheels.

Gear ratio of motor gear

The main characteristics of the reducer, as any other mechanical transmission, is the gear ratio, showing the degree of decrease of the angular speed and increasing the torque transmitted to the wheels. The gear ratio depends on the number of teeth of the driving and driven gears. In gearboxes a larger number of teeth is the driven gear. Thanks to the good operating characteristics, wide distribution in automotive gears got gears with circular tooth.

Gear ratio close to the unit, have a gear fast cars, where the number of driven gear teeth for a few units more than the leading. Increasing the gear ratio increases the traction characteristics of the vehicle, which is especially important for special vehicles and tractors.

Features of the unit gear four-wheel drive vehicles

On the front and rear axle of AWD vehicles must be installed on gearboxes with the same gear ratio, as it otherwise becomes impossible, the operation of the machine when the locking center differential.

Failures and repair of gear

Of great importance to ensure the reliability of the gearbox of the car has a lubrication of rotating parts in the area of engagement. Lubricant leakage can lead to oil starvation, which resulted in the teeth of the gears will overheat and rapidly wear out. To avoid breakage will help periodic control of a condition of the transmission, performed by a professional staff of one HUNDRED.

Repair of gear refers to the work of special difficulty, as it implies a large number of adjustments and subsequent tests. One of the gear cannot be replaced without selection and earnings, as otherwise is not provided required area of the contact patch. Adjustment of the gearbox is made by changing the gap between the end gears and casing.