Fall asleep faster will help warm bath with added essential oils or soothing salts. Do not take a shower at night - it enhances vitality, invigorates. Very good walk before bedtime about half an hour: releases tension, the daily impressions will soften, my heart will be calmer.

Dinner should be moderate, not loads tight stomach. Two hours before bedtime can eat something light, such as an Apple or yogurt, to the night the body experienced hunger and did not provoke your awakening. Good to drink at night, a glass of tea with mint or oregano and Valerian root – it will warm and relax. Good affects sleep warm milk and honey.

Healthy sleep will help to regulate and exercise. The period from five to eight in the evening – the best time for sports. And closer to night well to do crossword puzzles, sit down for solitaire, embroidery, knitting, something else, sleep and driving away of heavy thoughts. Good to read in bed, but not a gripping Thriller and a quiet, even boring thing that's causing the yawn.

Smoking, alcohol, coffee are the enemies of sleep. Don't take them after five or six o'clock in the evening. The TV should be removed from the menu for this evening: ad units only excite. Turn off bright lights, light the candles, sit, gazing at the flickering light and listening to quiet pleasant music. Tune in to the quiet, calm way, to the pleasure of an upcoming deep, refreshing sleep.

To relax, escape from problems is easier with dark linen (perfect – black). Discard the lush, large pillows and overly soft mattress: it must be moderately hard, and the head raised slightly. Filled better lying on left side: so the body is under low loads. Don't wait for sleep, don't worry if it doesn't come: worrying about insomnia much worse than she is.