If you add up all types of taxation, the leading country in the world on this indicator is the Gambia. According to the world Bank and the auditing by PricewaterhouseCoopers network, opening the firm in Gambia, already in the second year of its existence will need to pay in taxes 283,5% of the profits.

The second country according to the average level of taxation are Comoros. There, the figure is 217,9%. The figure above 100% identified in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (118,1%) and Argentina (107,8%). Of the European countries in this list the first place is Italy with an average level of taxation 65.8 per cent.

The highest corporate tax rate

The highest rate of tax on corporate profits, according to KPMG, recorded in the UAE, where the rate is 55%. Much lower, but also high rates in the US (40%) and Japan (38,01%). Of the European countries this ranking is headed by Belgium with a rate is 33.99% and France (33.33 per cent).

The highest rate of indirect taxes

Indirect taxes are taxes regulated at the Federal level and presented in the form of excise taxes, fees and charges. This is a value added tax, customs duty, sales tax etc. According to the ranking compiled by KPMG, indirect highest rates are identified in Hungary (27%), Iceland (25.5 percent), Denmark, Norway, Croatia and Sweden (25%).

The highest income tax rate

According to KPMG, the highest income tax rate in the world recorded in the jurisdiction of Aruba, which is the subject of the Federation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There's income tax rate is 58,95%. In Sweden, the figure is 56.6 per cent, Denmark – 55,56%. Also high income tax rates in the Netherlands, Spain (in both countries – 52%), Finland (51,13%), Japan (50,84%). In other countries this figure is below 50%.

The lowest tax rates

It should be noted that there are still areas which are not charged to corporate and indirect taxes: Bermuda, Bahrain, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Guernsey. The DPRK officially there are no taxes. The lowest income tax rates is recorded in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kazakhstan (10%). On the Autonomous territory of Macau and in Belarus, the tax is 12%. Followed by Russia with a rate of 13%.