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  • The Russian market presents a wide range of BMW cars, ranging from compact models and finishing with a full-size crossovers. But how much are the most popular models of the Bavarian manufacturer?
Most affordable BMW car in Russia is the hatchback C-class 1-series. In our market it can be purchased at a price of 1 279 000 rubles. Powerful 320-horsepower version with four-wheel drive will cost minimum 2 110 000.
Popular in Russia, the BMW 5-series sedan is offered at a price of 1 898 000 rubles for the basic version. All-wheel drive version with a 449-horsepower engine in the top-end configuration will cost $ 3 430 000. At and the most expensive is considered a 381-horsepower diesel version, for which please 3 755 000. Due to the installation of additional equipment cost of the machine can be significantly increased.
Flagship Executive sedan of the BMW 7-series in the Russian market is sold at a price of 3 584 000 rubles. A car with all-wheel drive is 4 089 000. In addition, the model offers a wide list of options and equipment. Sedan with extended wheelbase and the Long index is available from 3 685 000 rubles. The performance of the xDrive will cost minimum 4 342 000.
Crossover BMW X5 latest generation in Russia enjoys considerable popularity. The car will have to pay 3 415 000 rubles for the basic version. Powerful petrol version with engine 450 horsepower is from 3 838 000 rubles. Most are asking for a 313-strong diesel version – from 5 040 000.
No less popular in our country kupeobrazny crossover BMW X6 in the basic version is much cheaper than its counterpart with traditional body type 2 999 000 rubles. The fastest version with 407-horsepower turbo engine will cost between $ 4 030 000 roubles. Diesel version with a 381-horsepower unit, 8-band "automatic" and all-wheel drive will cost minimum 4 464 000.
"Charged" sedan BMW M5 equipped with 4.4-liter engine twin-turbo 560 horsepower, 7-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, is on the Russian market from 4 570 000.
Sedan BMW M6 Gran Coupe is offered in Russia with a 560-horsepower engine as the M5. Ask for it at least 7 380 000. Also available a wide range of additional equipment, the installation of which will significantly increase the cost of the car.