You will need
  • diary
If anything not enough time, according to common belief, it is very in demand in many spheres of life. But it's not, just someone who doesn't know how to plan their time. "Manages only one who doesn't hurry anywhere" - these words of M. Bulgakov can be carved on the granite, so they are correct. Not to rush and do everything, start planning your time. Get a diary, in which make a list of all cases, ranging from time for Breakfast and ending with plans to meet up with friends.
At first, plan all your actions you will be unusual, but soon you will be able to see how this is an effective strategy. Figure out how to optimize your routine. If the people who need to get over them hung tight deadlines time limits, while others just need a bit to assemble, but they will not be able to live comfortably, being involved in the clear mode of the day. Check on myself different techniques and over time you will develop a better schedule. To learn to plan time, you just need to start and continue to do so.
If you are just starting the practice of planning your day, for a certain period of time write down all your tasks and specify how long they comply with them. This applies to all, including fees to leave the house, time spent on shower, as well as to luxuriate in bed. What takes the most of your most valuable asset, hours and minutes? You might think that the work or necessary steps, but once you analyze your day, you will notice that a huge amount of time takes a simple domestic case. Think about whether you can somehow improve the situation, reducing time spent on this time?
When you need to schedule a tough day, during which you will need to perform a large number of tasks, focus on to first to end the most important things. Those that have a lower value, you can safely move it to the end of the list. If important things seem too serious to be here so soon for them to take, you must break them up into smaller things, each of which will seem much easier.
In time management there is such a thing as time-eaters – those things that are of no benefit, and just eat your day minute by minute. Went for a second look updates "Vkontakte" and envy there for half an hour? The news sucked, and you lost an hour or two of work time, reading it and discussing? Be aware of what takes your timeand stop wasting it.
Keep all things in order. A great many of time people spend to look for lost items or just not put in place. Make the order of its principle, and you will see how it will become easier to live.