1. Planning

Planning helps to organize effective activities, reminds you of tasks that need to be done in a certain period of time. It is best to plan the evening or in the morning after rising. It is important to plan in writing. This method is very effective, because you sure won't forget what you have to do.

2. Chop the task into several parts

Thanks to this method you will be able to divide a complex problem into several simple. Then you decide it efficiently and in a shorter time.

3. Use the rule of time management

Write down every thing that you did during the day. Write when you started and when finished. This method will provide you with a better understanding of where your time goes and what things need to be deleted to save precious minutes.

4. Follow the location of objects

In a well-organized workplace always easy to find the desired material, and in the workplace where there is complete chaos and destruction, the search can sometimes take a few hours. Ensure order around and your work will become more productive.

5. Use the method of Julius Caesar

We all have tasks that we perform daily. Using the method of Julius Caesar, which is to automate usual activities, you will be able to perform tasks more efficiently. To do this you have to think about how to speed up the work. May be it is better to replace the technology that you use to accomplish or working conditions.