You will need
  • - 3 cups raspberries
  • - 1 Cup milk
  • - 1 Cup Greek yogurt
  • - 1 banana
  • - 2 tbsp sugar
  • - 10 ice cubes
  • - raspberries for decoration
Raspberries should be examined by debris (twigs, leaves) and gently rinse under running water. Slightly dry and put in blender. Banana peel and cut into large cubes, also, put in blender.
To raspberries and banana, add milk, Greek yogurt, sugar and ice. Thoroughly whisk in a blender until smooth (about 2-3 minutes). The mass wipe through a sieve, to make it even more silky.
Pour smoothie into glasses. Particularly impressive it looks in transparent glasses. And garnish with raspberries. If desired, you can garnish with mint leaves. On a crimson background they will look great. A smoothie is great for Breakfast and as a dessert.