You will need
  • the ground;
  • - crates or containers;
  • seeds
Select the variety of radish. When growing radishesin the houseconsideration of the conditions must be very responsible approach to the choice of the root. Basically, for these purposes, a precocious, not strelkauskas varieties. When choosing seeds it is necessary to give preference to large instances of brown - grey and small simply can not ascend.
Determine the time and place of cultivation. You should know that for growing in April and may, you need to select the light areas of the loggia. If you plan to collect at homethese harvest in the summer months, you will need to make special caps made from soft black fabric, and cover their roots at 18:00. Thus you will reduce daylight, which is necessary for good ripening radishes.For the radishand is grown indoors, you need to choose the windowsills facing South. In order for the plant not stretched in one direction, the containers need daily to turn.
Prepare the boxes for planting. To radishesand can be used as boxes with special perforations for drainage, and plastic tapes. The cell size of the cassettes needs to be 5x5x5 cm Recommended size of the boxes - 60x60 cm
Prepare the soil for planting. You should know that for houseday forward, the "garden" do not use soil with a suburban area. It is recommended to use a mixture of perlite, peat and vermiculite, as well as seedling mix for tomatoes and cucumbers.
Before planting soak the seeds for 10 minutes. Make holes in the boxes with the ground with the help of measuring sticks. The depth of the hole should be 1-1,5 see Put one seed in the middle of each hole. Sprinkle the crops with a mixture of seedling or peat, pour warm water and cover with plastic wrap. Planting seeds in the cassette occurs by the same principle.
After germination remove the film. If the seeding process in the wells turned on a few seed - presidnete less development of the plant.
Be careful that the soil doesn't dry out. After the appearance of sprouts to water the radishes recommended daily. If all the rules of growing you can get some good yields of large radishesand not from the comfort of their home.