Find out whether the attic is a separate object of civil rights. In other words, is it possible to issue ownership or not. If the attic is not a spatially separate part of the building and does not have the documents BTI certain limits and specifications, to issue it in the property impossible.
If the documents BTI, the attic can be defined as a separate room, then ask who at the moment is its owner. Usually in apartment buildings, lofts are common property of the HOA. But for you to be able to get at least the right to rent the attic, it is necessary that at least 2/3 of the residents voted "for" this proposal at the General meeting. And the reconstruction of the attic in which it will cease to apply to the ownership of the HOA, may be exercised only by their unanimous decision.
If the HOA is not against the fact that you rented this property, I'll make his rule a lease (with a right of onerous or gratuitous use). And provided that you are allowed to carry out alterations, contact BTI with the following documents:
- certificate of ownership of the apartment, above which is the attic space;
- certified copies of the floor plan of the apartment;
- a certified copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
Additionally, you will have to provide or arrange:
- floor plan and explication attic;
technical conclusion the survey of the attic.
Don't forget to provide employees of BTI, the housing Inspectorate and other agencies, whose decision for the work required in your area, and redevelopment project. Spend all necessary repair work.
If the attic belongs to the municipal property, lease agreement, you have to make with the administration, and alterations required to endorse and construction Department. In addition, you will need to amend the city budget to 50% of newly established residential area.
After all the work, contact BTI to compose a new technical passport of attic space and turning it into housing as the attic. You will also need new technical passport for your apartment.
For the registration of ownership of the attic space, call the FRS documents from BTI, documents in the apartment and a passport.
If the attic has no legitimate owner, that the premises may be declared ownerless object. On the basis of article 234 of the civil code you can get the ownership of it, provided that within 15 years, openly owned these assets.