Hydrogen peroxide will help to relieve a sore throat from many diseases. So, in what diseases you can gargle with hydrogen peroxide?

Angina. Moreover, it is possible not only to gargle, but to lubricate it. Smear should be done with care to avoid damage to the tonsils. Using a teaspoon press the language (its root) and a cotton swab dipped in a solution (and a half tablespoons of 3% peroxide one-fourth Cup of water), gently anoint the throat.

Gum disease and the oral cavity (periodontal disease, stomatitis, and so on). In this case, will not even gargling with peroxide and rubbing of this tool, mixed with soda to a paste (up to three times daily).

Chronic tonsillitis. It is better to gargle peroxide in autumn and winter, during exacerbation of the disease. Peroxide is not just to cleanse the mouth and gums, but will wash out tonsils, remove harmful bacteria, remove plaque.

Pharyngitis. Gargle with pharyngitis should be within ten days three times a day (rinse for at least half a minute). It also happens that the hydrogen peroxide when strep throat can be used instead of antibiotics, but be sure to consult with a specialist.

How to gargle

The first thing you need to do solution. You will need two cups. First half-fill with water and add 3% solution of peroxide (1 tbsp). In the second Cup must be a solution for washing away the peroxide (water, soda, and the best chamomile infusion).

To be a bit to drink the prepared solution with hydrogen peroxide without swallowing. Head to tilt back so that the eyes stared at the ceiling. Then you have clearly stretched to pronounce the combination "guuu" without stopping. Then spit and repeat the process again, until, until the solution in the glass is not over. Hydrogen peroxide will clean the tongue, throat, and most importantly – the tonsils can get rid of harmful bacteria. After that, you need to rinse the throat with a solution of the second beaker to remove any residual peroxide.

About contraindications

Hydrogen peroxide for sore throat should not be used if there is a idiosyncrasy of this drug. But overall, this mouthwash is safe, the procedure is prescribed even for pregnant. It is important to follow the dosage, and the effect will not keep itself waiting.