Classic rye bread

To prepare you need the following ingredients:
- wheat flour – 250 g;
- warm water – 250 ml;
- rye flour – 150 g;
- salt – 1 tsp.;
- sugar – 10 g;
vegetable sunflower oil – 20 ml;
- dry yeast– 1 tsp.

Put in a container of the bread machine, the ingredients in the following order: water, sugar, salt, butter, rye and wheat flour (these components are pre-mixed together), dry yeast. Further capacity is installed neatly in bakery, exhibiting program "Rye bread" if it is missing, select "French bread"), shown loaf weight – 750 g, and crust – medium. Now press the "Start" button to start the cooking process. During the mixing of ingredients you can monitor this process and, if necessary, to trim by hand the dough to the loaf you took the necessary form. Then the lid of the bread machine open already will be as long as rye baking is complete.

Yeast-free rye bread

To prepare bread for this recipe, you'll need the following products:
- cumin – 10 g;
- water – 250 ml;
- milk powder – 15 g;
- sugar – 20 g;
salt - a pinch;
- allspice – 7 g;
- sourdough – 9 tbsp. spoons;
- rye flour – 400 g;
- vegetable oil – 15 ml;
- wheat flour – 300 g.

You must first dissolve it in water and milk powder. Then mix wheat and rye flour. Next, take the capacity of the bread machine and start to lay out all of the ingredients in this order: milk and flour mixture, sugar, salt, yeast, oil, pepper, cumin. Then set the container in a breadmaker and put the program "Rye bread", indicating the weight is 900 grams and crust color – medium. Keep in mind that to climb the pastry for this recipe will be quite slow. But do not worry, when the cooking process is complete, you will receive a fragrant and lush rye bread.

Rye bread with beer

Lay in the bread machine bucket products in the following order:
- sugar – 15 g;
- yeast – 2 tsp.;
- copper – 5 g;
- rye and wheat flour – 250 g;
- chicken egg – 1 PC.;
- dark beer – 200 ml;
- yogurt – 100 ml;
- vegetable oil – 10 ml;
Sol – 1 tsp.

Place the container with the ingredients in the bread machine, and then the routine of "Rye bread" crust – medium, weight – 800 grams. It now remains to wait for the cakes to be ready.