One of the cheapest foods are cereals. In terms of costs and benefits among the leading cereals barley and barley groats (crushed barley). The barley used to make these products is considered to be the most useful gramineous plant. It contains starch, proteins, provitamins b and A, and many minerals, including iodine and phosphorus. The most simple dish of these grains – porridge. It is especially tasty of pre-soaked whole grains. You can also prepare a hearty barley soup with mushrooms. It almost will cost nothing if you have fishes set aside for the winter mushrooms. In addition, the barley can be done, perlotto (similar to risotto).
Oatmeal also contains a lot of nutrients. These include: dietary fiber; minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, sodium); vitamins E, PP, group b, PP, E; essential amino acids; antioxidants; proteins; soluble fiber helps cleanse the body. This cereal is used for the preparation of easily digestible, healthy meals - oatmeal. In addition, it can be hearty pancakes. The price of this product in many stores often are significantly different. To save, better to buy the oatmeal not in bright packaging, and in the usual cellophane, preferably in bulk.
Many vegetables also are inexpensive. Beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, radishes - all of these products are indispensable in the diet. Vegetables have a low calorie, which is especially important for those who are watching their figure. They give a feeling of satiety. Vegetables can be broiled, steamed, also they make delicious soups and salads vitamin. To inexpensive products include potatoes, all of which you can cook various dishes. To save money, vegetables are best to buy in the market or in the supermarkets economy class. There you can buy seasonal fruit, which also are inexpensive.
Speaking of cheap products worth mentioning and chicken eggs. They are easy to cook, using one of the many ways: hard boiled, in a pouch, fried, omelet, various dishes. This product is a low-fat source of protein, Riboflavin, vitamin B12 and phosphorus.
The most expensive product is bread. Black and white bread, you can make not only the usual sandwiches. You can make it homemade croutons, rubbed with a sliced clove of garlic and use them to add to soups or salads. Also, the product crunchy and flavorful croutons. For making crackers and toast are quite suitable stale bread.
Wanting to save money, you can buy canned foods. Beans or salmon in tomato sauce is perfect for cooking a hearty soup or as a side dish, and canned corn you can make a light salad with crab sticks. As for canned seaweed, this product contains many useful minerals. To them, refers potassium, iodine, silicon, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron.