Business attire

Grey color ideal for creating the business ensembles. You can purchase light grey suit with a straight skirt and complement it with classic white, lilac or blue silk blouse. An interesting variant - a combination of light grey and black. Wear your skirt with a top made of thick fabric, polyester, silk, viscose or cotton. If you choose the top, don't forget about the jacket.

Business tops and blouses should not be overburdened with trim - ruffle, embroidery, lacing. But the kit can be supplemented with a string of pearls, silver jewelry or a scarf.

Stylish idea for a business kit - a combination of light gray skirt with dark gray blouse. Complete this look with a scarf and tights in different shades of gray and classic black pumps matte leather. This set will fit the black or grey bag. But if you want to add brightness, allow yourself a briefcase or clutch bag in rich color - purple, red, dark blue or red. You will look not only elegant, but also very fashionable.

Free time in grey tones

Choosing a set for vacation, you can afford much more. Light grey skirt can complement a top or blouse green, purple, pink or bright red. A lot depends on the shade of your skirt. If she had a cold undertone, choose extras in bluish pink tones. Warm color, resembling the skin of Persian cats, can be combined with tops and blouses beige, orange, coral colors.

Much depends on the fabric from which to sew a skirt. For example, a soft woolen fabrics combined with suede shoes and blouses of cotton, viscose and silk. A light summer skirt made of polyester and fashionable air packs wear with a fitted tank tops from modern synthetic fabrics. Straight summer skirt made of cotton and flax are well in tune with things fishnet and lace.

If you choose a bright top, do not pick up the jewelry, bag and shoes in tone - it looks old-fashioned. Shoes should be neutral. For example, in winter or autumn wear a gray skirt with dark grey or black bottomtime and tights in the same tone. This technique will help visually lengthen legs. Summer skirt goes well with the shoes and sandals cold a light beige color which blends with the skin. Your legs in this design are simply endless.

Wearing a delicate blouse, top or sweater, add an ensemble of bright shoes or boots. The gray color blends with any saturated colors. It is important that the tights or stockings were not darker than the skirt - then the set will look harmonious.