How to treat the intestine for sausages

The sausage is unthinkable to do without the shell. For making the homemade product, you can use the guts of large and small cattle and swine, and edible gelatin sausage casing.

The guts are different:
−sinuhe – cecum small or large cattle;
−casings – small intestine;
−prohodnoi rear end of the rectum of cattle;
−round – thick Department of an intestines of cattle;
For home-produced often use a Cup (or caraway.

The villagers who keep animals on a farmstead at the bottom of their gut is not thrown away. They are released from the contents, washed, cleaned with a round stick, grind with salt, rinse in water with vinegar and stored in the refrigerator or in cold water. For long term storage of salted guts cool, before applying them soaked. Processes the intestine only fresh, had lain for some time already unusable.

The natural casing you can buy

For sausage casings treated with the small intestines, the bladder, the esophagus is time consuming and unpleasant task. Now no need to fiddle with the guts, the meat departments of supermarkets and meat shops offer ready-made natural casing for any meat products. Today the stores boast a large range of products – beef casings, filling from 10 to 50 meters, pig intestines, pack of 90 meters, lamb chitterling and other.

Natural shell depending on the method of preservation are:
− dry;
−in brine;
−dry (plasticized).
Dry intestine before use, soaked for a few hours, even for days, salted casings should be wymacet.

Natural casing is permeable to steam and smoke, can withstand all kinds of heat treatment and sausage in cereve you can grill them. Sausage in natural shell after cooking gets a nice Golden color and smooth surface. But there are also disadvantages of this product is: natural, not canned, guts stored a long time; have a specific smell.

Guts sausage casings can be bought in the online store, it is simple − it is necessary to find a reliable, trustworthy shop to choose in the catalog of the desired products and make an order. Delivery is made by mail Russia in any remote area. Casings are Packed in vacuum sealed bags.

So today is not a problem to buy natural shell and cook a delicious, high quality homemade sausage.