According to gynecologists, the probability of pregnancy after menstruation is not so great. But much still depends on individual factors of the female body. Therefore unambiguously it is impossible to say that pregnancy can not occur, if the affinity was in the period of menstruation.

In addition, if we take into account specifically the last days of your period, in this time the chances of women becoming a mother even increase. This is especially true give that there is a variability of the menstrual cycle. The fact that in the case of shifting the timing of menstruation occurs and the shift in timing of ovulation, which ultimately leads to a shift in the period of ripening of the egg. Therefore, to make a precise forecast regarding the specific timing of ovulation is quite problematic. If you consider the fact that sperm are capable of fertilization within seven days after intercourse, the probability of conception in the last days of menstruation increases. Thus, it appears that pregnancy in this period is not excluded.

Whether it is possible pregnancy in the last days of menstruation when using birth control drugs.

It is known that oral contraception and any contraceptive that has a high guarantee of protection from pregnancy. Although systematic and correct application of these drugs significantly reduces the risk of conception. After all, modern drugs are special hormones ethinyl estradiol or estrogen, which suppress ovulation, making pregnancy becomes virtually impossible.

There are also pills, do not affect ovulation, but they can thicken the cervical mucus, thereby preventing sperm entry into the uterus. These drugs do not have high reliability from conception, but have fewer contraindications to its use. Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that with the use of oral contraceptives the possibility of obtaining a pregnancy in a last days of menstruation is almost nonexistent. However, this can occur if a woman does not violate the rules of use of contraceptives.

How to avoid pregnancy in recent periods

You must know that if the conception is highly undesirable, it is necessary to use reliable methods of contraception. These include barrier methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy. If unprotected intercourse has already occurred, it is recommended that use of emergency contraception. It should be remembered that these methods are effective only in the next few days after narutohentai intercourse. Methods of emergency contraception cannot be used too often due to the fact that they cause significant harm to women's health. Thus, you need to understand that protection during menstruation it is necessary not only from the standpoint of unwanted pregnancies, but also due to the fact that the immune system is these days reduced, with the risk of infections.