Is there any harm from a protein

Many people think that sports nutrition, including protein, is harmful to health. In some versions, the protein affects the potency, destroys the liver and kidneys and even cause addiction.

Now answer the question: is there any harm from normal protein contained in meat, fish and dairy products? Indeed, in this case we are talking about the same thing.

Side effects from this type of sports nutrition is only possible under certain circumstances, namely:

1. Sometimes men are allergic to soy protein. This is due to the fact that it includes phytoestrogens, similar in its action with the female sex hormones estrogens.

2. Digestive system of some people does not perceive gluten, and it is also included in the protein composition. In the result, you may receive Allergy.
You need to understand that in both cases we are talking about individual intolerance of some components, but not about the dangers of protein.

Many studies have confirmed that the dosage recommended by the manufacturers for use, have no adverse effects on internal organs.

Protein can worsen the kidney condition only in case, if kidney problems were before you start taking protein shakes. Sometimes, these diseases simply did not manifest itself. It is important that after the cancellation of the admission of concentrate all the negative effects disappear.

It can be concluded that protein harms the body only then, when individual intolerance to or disease of the kidneys and liver. If you do not have these complications protein will bring you only benefits.

The use of protein

But the benefits of protein is really great, it has a high rating among athletes.

Protein stimulates muscle growth, as it nourishes them with essential amino acids. As much branched chain amino acids as whey protein, not found in any other source. During strength training muscles are very severely injured, and whey protein gets them what they lost.
If taking a Supplement after an intense workout, the starved muscle will include a defense mechanism. They will start to store protein, and muscle mass will increase.

Four essential amino acids contained in the protein help the muscles recover faster, acting as painkillers.

Casein protein is absorbed very slowly. If you drink it before bed muscle all night will eat the necessary nutrients.

Useful properties of the protein very much, it is also evident from numerous positive reviews. If you play sports and you have no problems with the liver and kidneys, as well as hypersensitive components of this additive, concentrated protein for you will be almost indispensable.