Jana is a Hebrew name that is translated as "God". Jan surrounded by male attention and is well versed in the psychology of the stronger sex. She always gets her way, thanks to their mannerisms, theatricality and emotion. She manipulates men and is very artfully. In spite of a jealous character of Yana, her husband remains happy family life with her.
Horoscopes say that the names can determine the compatibility of couples. Based on data from numerology, the maximum power of the senses Yana occurs with Artem, August, Valery, Arnold, Cyril, Vissarion, Kondrat, Vladlen, Leonid, Lazarus, Sebastian was, Sergey, Leo, Rostislav. The strongest marriage she would have with Alex, August, Arnold, Abraham, Vissarion, Artem, Vladlen, Valery, Ignat, David, Hippolyte, Yemelyan, Kondrat, Cyril, Lazarus, Clement, Maxim, Lev, Mikhail, Leonid, Prochorus, Nicephorus, Rostislav, Pavel, Sergey, Samuel, Timothy, Eldar, Solomon, Thomas.
In a pair of Jan-Sergey both partners to constantly strive for something new. They capture the spirit of adventure and adventure. This couple lives one day. When the old life they get bored, they start a new and changing area of activity, moving from place to place. Pair of Jan-Sergey will be able to make useful contacts, will succeed in business and any other that requires the ability to influence people.
The Union Yana and Artem is very versatile, in their life there is no monotony. They have a common goal, feelings and thoughts. Exotic science – what you need this pair. In addition, they will succeed in social, psychological, and social spheres. The couple is always eager to learn new things. They like to ponder questions of human destiny. Wanderlust for Yana and Artem, too, is one.
Ian and Valeri is a very creative Union. It is easy to make new friends, they are always surrounded by friends and associates. The attraction to each other is not quenched for a long time. However, the scope of the policy this pair is not suitable, since there is a certain levity in their attitude to other people.
Union Jan-Kirill can, together, achieve power, fame and wealth. However immoral they should not have, so they do everything in an honest way. This couple are United by the desire to help the needy and the pursuit of justice. That is why Yana and Kirill trying to change the world and indifferent to the charity. They are interested in insurance, legal, financial, and legislative activities.