"Dr. house" - a top American TV series of our time, depicting in the background, not the squalor of the team of medical diagnosticians history of internal struggle uncommon and strong personality of Dr. Gregory house.

The viewer's attention is concentrated around a Central character – a brilliant diagnostician, a complete cynic and suffering addict house. It is this set of personal characteristics allows the doctor dispassionately to consider history as a detective, and the healing process was equivalent to finding the killer, after guessing which house will save a human life.

Figure Hausa contradictory: as a professional he is the admiration of colleagues, but as a man it is able to make a few. Spending life in the games his own mind, house puts experiments on people and subordinates, deftly manipulating their feelings. Cold and brutal player in the eyes of others, house suffers from a debilitating inner emptiness. Unable to overcome her feelings, and they cause a lot of pain.

Nagging physical pain in leg the house used to dampen it with drugs, but should they replace him with friendship and love, without which life itself becomes unbearable pain? The answer to this question can be given in many episodes of the famous series.