As a rule, nocturnal emissions in boys are the result of erotic dreams, i.e. ejaculation without subsequent revival. Thus, waking up in the morning, a teenager sees on the sheet from the wet spot that appeared as a result of a night of sexual fantasies. Be aware that nocturnal emissions do not pose absolutely no health risk to the boy. Moreover, this phenomenon can be explained by the need of a young body to get rid of excess sperm.

According to experts, the first wet dreams happen at the age of 12-15 years and continue periodically up to 20 years, then their frequency is markedly reduced. In some cases, it occurs slightly earlier or, conversely, after the deadline. Moreover, a sharp delay of emissions may indicate unfavorable conditions of life of the body of a teenager, as well as to indicate the individual characteristics of his body. Usually involuntary ejaculation occurs when directly in the seminal fluid are already Mature sperm. Considered normal pollutions occurring one to two times per week and even less often before the start of continuous sexual life.

Pathological pollutions in adolescents

When the youth begins to engage in a regular sex life, frequency of nocturnal emissions, usually sharply reduced. In that case, if this has not happened and the young man continues to periodically test the emission, then we can talk about any diseases of the genital organs. In addition, this phenomenon may indicate disorders of the nervous system of a teenager.

Pathology is considered such facts, when the emission is associated with headache, fatigue, disorders in the sexual sphere, lethargy, nervousness. Be aware that this pathological pollution can lead to the development of impotence, therefore the mother should be watched closely for bedding grown-up son and his underwear. Noticing a fairly regular wet dreams, need to be mandatory to seek help from a specialist.

Treatment of pathological pollutions in adolescents

If the presence of nocturnal emissions accompanied by the appearance of diseases of the genitourinary system, such a fact requires a responsible and relevant treatment process. After all, only a careful approach to this problem could cure from frequent wet dreams. Treatment of neurosis-like States includes the need to identify the main causes and formulating appropriate therapeutic treatment. In such case, it is recommended walks in the fresh air, regular exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle. The favorable impact of a variety of water treatment, sanitary-resort treatment and physiotherapy classes.