You will need
  • - passport
  • form
  • - photo
  • - Russian passport
  • - information on the financial situation
Passport, which must be a free page for gluing in of the visa. Its validity shall be not less than six months at the time when the application is submitted. If you already have a passport, Chinese visa, you need to provide copies of the pages on which they are delivered. Also make a copy of page with personal data.
A visa application form in triplicate, filled out in Russian, Chinese or English. The questionnaire must be signed. You can fill in by hand or on the computer.
A recent photograph of size 48 x 33 mm on a light background. It is necessary to stick to the questionnaire.
Photocopies of pages of the Russian passport that contain personal data, and details about registration.
Your hotel for the duration of stay or an invitation from a receiving party (individual or company). Before applying check with the Consulate whether there invitations from individuals, because not all consulates of China in Russia doing it.
Copies of the tickets or print the bookings sites. Some consulates require only tickets.
For those visiting China for the first time, you must provide a letter on official letterhead, indicating the name of the Director and chief accountant. The certificate must be given to the position and salary of the applicant.
The Bank statement proving the financial situation of the applicant.
For tourist group (of 5 people) the following documents are required: official invitation from a Chinese travel company, a list of all groups (names and information of passports).