Advice 1: As shall be examined by psychiatrist and psychologist

Psychologist and narcologists involved in the evaluation and treatment of people with certain health problems. People of similar professions have higher education and good practice.
As shall be examined by psychiatrist and psychologist
The result of the use of alcohol or drugs in humans, the mind is disturbed. A doctor who deals with the diagnosis, followed by treatment of people with mental disorders, called the psychiatrist. At the first appointment with this specialist doctor will get acquainted with the medical card, find out the way of life of the patient, his habits from the patient and his relatives. After the examination and diagnosis of the disease doctor prescribes treatment: outpatient or in hospital. While patient confidentiality will be maintained.
For successful treatment, the psychiatrist needs to establish an accurate diagnosis. He will need to conduct a full examination of the patient, which consists of blood analysis, urine analysis, biochemical blood analysis, determination of alcohol or drugs in blood or urine.
A psychiatrist is available several methods for determining intoxication. In the first case, used glass tube. The doctor organoleptic method detects the presence of alcohol after exhalation of the patient into the glass. The second method is a test of Rappaport. Studied makes a protracted exhale into the tube, where the distilled water. If, after the addition of chemical additives to tube color its composition does not change - the patient is alcohol is consumed. And the most common method is to check the breathalyzer.
The doctor, who has monitored the mental behavior of man, is called a psychologist. To identify deviation in the psyche or pathopsychological symptoms, a specialist needs to spend a pathopsychological examination. The patient has to undergo several stages of psycho-diagnostic research. First stage - clinical-psychological conversation, where the patient will have a medical examination, a psychologist from the state mental institution. The physician needs to examine the patient for attention (samples on the neurodynamics) and thinking. The investigated person will be asked to undergo some tests after which the doctor will adopt the provisional diagnosis. For a more accurate diagnosis, the psychologist explores the level of intelligence of the patient.
Pathopsychological conclusion consists of two blocks. In the first block will be described the emotional state of the patient and features of speech that will fully depend on the subjective impressions of the expert. In the second block of the conclusion describes the results of studies, assignments and tests.

Advice 2 : How to get psychiatrist to a driving school

For non-resident consisting on the account in a psychoneurological clinic, there are difficulties in passing the psychiatrist in the driver's commissions. Living in another city has the opportunity to obtain the necessary help remotely.
The passage of the psychiatrist is an important step in the driver's commissions
Before I began my studies in a driving school is required to undergo a medical examination. Almost all clinics and medical centers it is called driving. There is an established list of doctors that you want to visit. These include the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist.

As a rule, these professionals are not there, where took place the main Board and the corresponding clinic: neuropsychiatric (HDPE). It happens differently: the psychiatrist is in a drug treatment clinic and psychiatrist in the outpatient clinic at a psychiatric hospital. It is widely believed that a visit to these doctors is associated with the examination of the adequacy of behavior or thinking. But it is wrong. The psychiatrist puts on the form of medical fee only indicates that you are not the patient to the corresponding hospital.

Why are the psychiatrist in the driver's commissions?

Society should be confident that the drive means high risk, which is the car will be people who do not use drugs and do not are on account of alcoholism. Even if you are not a patient narcological dispensary, the doctor during the appointment, will evaluate the appearance and the adequacy of the behavior and speech of the visitor. In some clinics before taking the psychiatrist will require to take the analysis urine. This happens infrequently, but people who have been driving the Commission, reported about these facts.

How to pass the psychiatrist and non-resident consisting on the account in a narcoclinic?

The difficulty of passing the psychiatrist that for the production of print and recognition of the person suitable to control the vehicle you want to reside in a particular area for at least 3 years. It must be confirmed by the date of registration on the stamp in the passport. Therefore, for all moving and students who go to study in another city, it is recommended to take care of such a certificate. It is valid for 3 years and can be repeatedly help out in different circumstances.

If through ignorance, or forgetfulness, the desired level of psychiatrist time have not got, but she needed to pass the driver's commissions in another city, you can do the following:

- to issue a notarized power of attorney to a friend or relative living in this moment in the city where you are registered and get the necessary help remotely;
to come yourself and take it yourself;

Those who stand on the account in PND, pass a driver's Commission impossible until then, until it becomes possible to deregister. This is a difficult issue and is solved in each case individually.
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