If the development of the drug and protection of patent on it does for a large pharmaceutical company, this drug is called original. Substance when this happens it is highlighted first, before this medication, no one produced. Development of all stages of the drug lasts for about 10 years, conducted numerous clinical trials to test efficacy and safety.
Having done such work, the company has on its product patent, the protection period of which expires after a certain time. The chemical formula becomes known to the companies-competitors, which are now legal to develop it. Details of the technological process is different every time, and different quality of raw materials.
Leader in the production of generic drugs in present India.

Low-cost counterparts, or generics, it is partly due to the fact that you do not spend time and money on development and research. Can we assume that the effect copies of the drug are worse than analogue?

Analogues of the codomain

Analogues of this drug are many. Here are the most famous of them:
-"Potassium iodide";
-"Iodine I";

How to choose generics

The addition rates differ from the analogues of the original drug and each other? Could it vary the effect of the drugs, if their chemical formula is identical?

In addition to chemical and pharmaceutical identity, there is also the concept of bioequivalence. This means that all drugs to exert similar effects on the body should be similar in bioavailability.

Bioavailability is called the relative number caught in the blood of a substance and the speed of his blood flow in getting. Not all companies are willing to spend time and money to test the therapeutic equivalence of drugs. She, unlike pharmaceutical equivalence is not required. So people didn't buy so "the cat in the bag" the United States set up a special organization dedicated to the validation of therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs. In Russia anything similar yet, and so one can only rely on the experience of others when selecting products.
If the patient's condition is critical, it is not necessary to experiment in search of cheap drugs.

The doctors, writing a prescription, too, have to write their prescriptions according to the experience of colleagues and self. Makes this question a mess and constant advertising sales representatives.