The allegations of non-native residents of Goa, living here the first year, only 400 dollars a month to live, indulging in almost any joys of life, given the fact that there is no need to buy warm clothes and spending exorbitant money on all kinds fruits and delicacies of local origin.


Nice house in Goa, which will easily accommodate several families at the same time, tour cost about 10,000 rupees per month, which translated into domestic money is about 6 000 rubles. Meals in the restaurant - just 300. If you prefer to cook yourself, local prices will pleasantly surprise you with its extremely low level, and the food – diversity, for example, fresh chicken will cost 60 rubles, a kilo of real sharks in a 180, bananas - about 3 rubles apiece, fresh juice - 6 rubles a glass.

Goa is absolutely not suited to lovers of high fashion, because of local clothing stores can hardly be found the latest collection from Dolce and Gabbana, it is rather a wide field of activity for fans of shorts, flip flops and t-shirts "no complaints". Any such thing will cost you only 60 to 120 rubles.

Cheap civilization

In contrast to prevailing views about life in India, in Goa there are no problems with medications and personal care products, except toilet paper, which is considered a luxury and sold for our 30 rubles, or 50 rupees.

If you suddenly decide to furnish your house and buy something larger, be prepared to spend from 600 to 2000 rubles, depending on what it is, a stove or a pricey by local standards stereo system.

One of directions of an expenditure of funds in the Goa are considered to be entertainment, which include a variety of types of excursions, entrances to which are usually free. The fare will cost 30 rubles, if you decide to take a taxi be prepared to spend 100 - 200 rubles, rent a bike 2500-5000 rubles a month. Sea, beach, sun and good mood to Goa absolutely free!