The disease is characterized by Keller 2 osteochondropathies heads 2 and 3 metatarsus. The disease begins quietly and progresses slowly, continuing for several years. The disease usually ends with the appearance of deforming arthrosis.

The symptoms of the disease Keller 2

The patient is often on the back foot it is possible to observe a slight swelling. On palpation the skin surface painful. Pain can be amplified when Hiking on rough roads in shoes with soft soles or barefoot. There are cases when may appear limp. The most accurate diagnosis can put a doctor, using a variety of techniques fluoroscopy. X-ray can accurately determine what destruction has undergone a bone, namely, to see the spotted pattern of the seals, expansion of the joint space, flattening of the metatarsal bones.

The causes can be: genetic predisposition, platypodia, violations of endocrine system and metabolism, wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes. The process osteochondropathy may occur as a result of violations of blood circulation to various injuries.

Methods of treatment

Modern medicine uses mostly conservative methods of treatment of illness of Keller 2. The need for surgical intervention long gone. Resection of head of metatarsal bones is performed in very rare cases. Treatment of illness of Keller 2 is reduced to the maximum unloading of the foot. Used for the treatment of a plaster boot. It is worn for a period of from two weeks to a month. Next, you need to follow the instructions of the doctor, which, first and foremost, the absence of significant loads on the foot. Also it is necessary to wear orthopedic footwear and special insoles designed to support transverse and longitudinal arches of the feet. Recommended warm baths for the feet, massage foot and lower leg, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises.

Prevention of illness Keller 2

The best prevention of this disease is taking care of your health, on the legs, in particular. It is not necessary to resort to strong loads on the legs. Even minor injuries should be promptly seek help from professionals to a medical institution for timely treatment. Special attention should be presented to the choice of shoes. It should be maximum comfortable and easy.