Who to look for?

As a quality repair largely depends on the skill of the masters, a reasonable question arises: where to find them and how to distinguish a good master from a hack. Many prefer to find repairmen on specialized Internet sites. Internet without a doubt provides ample opportunities to find individual builders or teams. Today to search for contractors through the online portal only need to leave a request on the website indicating the time and place of work. The other issues are resolved on the spot after inspection of the premises.

In order to reduce the cost of repair is better to choose a private trader. But this choice has a significant disadvantage. If the repair organization is responsible for the quality of work performed, test the professionalism of the private masters, as a rule, impossible.
The main thing - to decide who will do the repair: owner or crew?

Consider a second search option: through a friend. Surely someone you know has faced a similar problem and can tell what kind of company you can deal with. The signing of the agreement in both cases is a necessity. You should describe in detail the turnaround time, types of repair services and prices for each of them. If you took the risk and found a team of builders through the ad, you control each stage of repair. You need to understand that if the Builder offers a too low price for their services, whether it is necessary then to pay several times more to fix the consequences of the "miracle repair".

Team builders: how to identify the quality

Not be amiss to see a portfolio of masters.

Brigade, equipped with all necessary equipment and tools and consists of experienced craftsmen, can be found on construction markets, in the press, on the Internet or, as mentioned, through a friend. It is desirable that the construction, repair, finishing and design answered one and also the organization.

Finishing is the most difficult part of the repair, so if the staff of finishers too quickly spent this stage of the work, in all likelihood, the quality will be low. A reputable company should establish a clear list of raw materials, in accordance with SNiP. To deviate from the given process and standards-respecting firm will be.

Cleanliness and order are an important indicator of a high level of performance. At the stage of organization of internal engineering networks, it is desirable to invite independent experts to assess the condition of the pipeline, electrics and walls. Good is the team of repairmen work schedule which is painted for some months forward.