Ursosan is a hepatoprotective, provides choleretic, hypocholesteremic, cholelitolitic, immunomodulatory and hypolipidemic action. This is a Czech drug that protects the liver cells from the harmful effects of environmental factors. Ursosan stabilizes the membranes of hepatocytes and improves the period of active work of the authority. In Russia release of a similar drug, active substance of which ursodeauxiholower acid.


Endoxa – a drug that protects the liver from endogenous and exogenous harmful agents. It dissolves gallstones, reduces the cholesterol, sugar and lipids in the blood, stimulates the release of bile, increases the overall resistance of the organism.

Endoxa is a light gelatin capsules filled with white powder.

The active substance of this drug stabilizes the cellular structure of hepatocytes, protecting them from the effects of bile salts, inhibits the process of stone formation in the gall bladder, stimulates the secretion of the pancreas.

Long reception endoxi leads to the complete disappearance of gall stones, decreased production of toxic bile acids, removing them from the body through the intestines. Reduces bile cholesterol saturation, the suppression of its production and absorption in the intestine.

Indications for use endoxi are: biliary cirrhosis, reflux-gastritis, calculous cholecystitis.

The drug's effectiveness was proven during a clinical trial, which involved 40 patients with cholelithiasis. They took 2 capsules endoxi a day during the month. After a series of instrumental, clinical and laboratory research, it became clear that most patients ceased to suffer from aching pain in the right of podrebere, bitterness in the mouth, motor disorders in the gall bladder.


Arcades is a hepatoprotective agent with strong choleretic and cholelitolitic action. This drug analog Ursosan produced in Russia. It affects the synthesis, transformation and absorption of cholesterol in the body. Stimulates the formation and excretion of bile, reduces the lithogenicity, increases gastric and pancreatic secretion.

When taking urdesa there is a partial or complete dissolution of cholesterol stones, decreases the saturation of bile with cholesterol and the mobilization of gallstones.

Immunomodulatory effect of the drug is associated with immunological reactions in the liver: reduction in expression of antigens on the cell membrane, influence on the number of eosinophils, T lymphocytes, interleukins.