Reviews about the "Magnerot" patients

Most people taking this medication, speak of him as a valuable, quality product. With rare unanimity, there is a high its effectiveness in getting rid of night cramps.

Positive reviews give high blood pressure and heart disease, suffering from arrhythmia, other arrhythmia, tachycardia. The number of unplanned heart is significantly reduced. While less concerned about cardiac pain. Stop asthma attacks. Due to such positive changes improved sleep.

"Magnerot" animal and tachycardia, however, should more long-term. High blood pressure noted that the threat of crisis has receded into the background. Those who suffered a heart attack, the heart began to tingle less.

Lack of magnesium in the body often occurs because of a sick stomach and intestines; alcoholism; physical inactivity; stress; ingestion of diuretics; excessive sweating; vomiting, diarrhoea; during pregnancy.

According to reviews, the drug relieves headaches due to spasm of blood vessels of the cerebral circulation and neuroses. "Magnerot" soothes with tearfulness, irritability, neurotic States.

Some patients say that taking it every spring and fall to relieve seasonal depression, because the drug makes the nervous system. It is especially effective together with sedative drugs.

But the largest number of positive reviews about "Magnerot" give women. During pregnancy it prevents the tone of the uterus, threat of preterm birth. Makes breathing easier, saving you from debilitating shortness of breath. Less likely to have symptoms of toxicity.

An essential benefit of a drug is celebrated and people involved in sports. Lighter extreme physical exertion, felt a burst of energy, the heart becomes more resilient.

Welcome "Magnerot" is provided with 18. However, it is widely used by pediatricians. Doctors choose the dosage, considering age and weight of children. Parents confirm that children and adolescents tolerate this drug well.

The allowance of magnesium for preschoolers – 60 to 100 mg per day. For schoolchildren and adolescents 100-200 mg. For adults is about 300 mg. for Women during pregnancy and breast feeding – 400-500 mg.

Among the possible side effects of medications – unstable stool, diarrhea. Patients complain it is extremely rare. Moreover, these effects occur only at high dosage should be reduced.

As noted, approximately every third patient, the drug, perhaps, only one drawback: he's a good, but expensive. After all, you have to take daily at least three or four pills, but it is very expensive.

Reviews about the "Magnerot" doctors

Opinions of the doctors of the Arctic: some believe that it is effective, others that are useless. Understandable that to judge about this drug and it's really hard, because he acts not independently, but in conjunction with other assigned medications.

Compare: if the drug is "Panangin" contains 13 mg equivalent of magnesium, one of the few who is almost the same 14 mg, "Magnerot" – 33 mg, "Magne-B6" – 48 mg", Magnelis-B6" is 56 mg, and "Magne-B6 Forte" – 100mg.

There are some cardiologists who believe that "Magnerot" plays a significant role in eliminating arrhythmias. Drugs of magnesium, in their opinion, only effective in myocardial infarction and only when administered intravenously. Tablets to take magnesium it makes no sense – it is better to eat more foods that have a lot of this macronutrient.

Judging by the opinion of a number of gynecologists, during pregnancy use of drugs of magnesium is also small. They refer to solid korenovskii studies showing that these drugs do not prevent premature births. In short, the doctors are very contradictory. But, undoubtedly, cannot be considered mineral medicines are completely harmless substances. The biochemical mechanism of the organism is entirely dependent on the mineral composition of the blood, and easily upset that delicate balance. Make "Magnerot" should be only on medical indications.