Modern Arab Emirates today is a modern state with high-speed highways, hypermarkets and luxury hotels. UAE every day shows modern wonders of the Arab world: the island-palaces, hotels-sailboats, ski slopes in the desert. On the streets of Dubai, the purity of the European level.

Unfair and the claim that this welfare of the Arabs have the oil production and refining industries. Revenues from oil account for only 18% of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates, the same brings into the state budget, tourism, and most of the income the country brings trade.

A large number of tourists every year coming to UAE to get pleasure from a huge number of services offered in this country.

How much is a holiday in the UAE?

The question of the value of a voucher in United Arab Emirates ambiguous. Since there are a large number of factors that affect its value
The cost of a weeklong stay in Jumeirah in December will exceed $ 1,200, stay in a modest hotel in Sharjah will cost 700-800 dollars. In March even the modest hotels in Dubai are from 800 to 900 dollars including Breakfast and dinner.

Summer prices in Dubai are down by 15-20%. Ends the tourist season in the Arab Emirates in spring, because in summer the influx of tourists in UAE is greatly reduced. High seawater temperature and exhausting heat deterred many travelers. In the summer the prices become much lower. Sometimes you can find summer ticket, the cost of which may reach 400-500 dollars.

Why you should go to the UAE?

Despite the length of stay and level of comfort of the hotel, a traveller buying a ticket to the UAE, you may be sure that he will be ensured a comfortable stay and quality service. The number of tourists who wish to relax in Arab Emirates growing. Many of them want to see the real tale of the East, to enjoy a memorable stay and to experience the exotic of this wonderful country
The cost of tourist travel to the UAE depends on many factors, including the number of stars in the selected hotel, duration of stay in the country and planned programs.

Funds to be spent on the journey, fully kompensiruet the highest level of service and quality of stay.