Holiday in Goa - the cost of the trip

Stay in the coastal Indian state of Goa can cost as very expensive, and very cheap. It all depends on needs. If there is no desire to settle in a five star hotel with all inclusive system, you can keep in a very modest amount. A Guesthouse or b&b (bed and Breakfast) for two weeks costs from 7,000 rubles per person. Of course, this will shelter some distance from the sea, perhaps with no air conditioning and spectacular views. But this option is perfect for students and those who come to India not for comfort, but for impressions.
In Goa it is not necessary to take a lot of things. They sell good cotton clothes at low prices. Therefore it is better to fly with an empty suitcase, and return with full.

The cost hotels in Goa depends on the star. The most expensive five - star. There is the price of a two-week stay of thirty thousand rubles per two weeks per person. Modest - three, four stars will cost from eighteen to twenty-five thousand per person for two weeks. Usually this includes only Breakfast. But to worry about it not worth it.

In Goa a huge number of cheap cafes (where they are called the cervix). They are located by the sea and have their own sunbeds. You can come to the beach for the day, choose your favorite shake and sit next to him. But definitely something to order, otherwise the owners of the place next time will take the lounger. The average score in the cervix - 200-300 rubles without alcohol. For this amount you can enjoy a soup, drink and delicious naan - Nana.

Tour to Goa - how to save

When planning your trip should take into account the cost of flights - this is usually the most costly budget item. But there may be lucky. If you buy tickets in advance (six months, for example), you can catch a very cheap offer. Various airlines give discounts in different directions, they too can track, if you subscribe for shares. But there are still very cheap last minute tickets. But they are difficult to pick up under the desired date, and so can travel only those who don't care, when to fly and return.
The season in Goa is from November to early April. Then the rains begin, which can go for weeks without a break.

But the Indian visa is better not to save and to do it in advance. Although some travel agencies sell tours to Goa, travelers without a treasured stamp, they do it unofficially. The arrival of these tourists take the passports and return them only when flying back.