The treatment process

Hirudotherapy is widely used in many branches of medicine. With its help doctors enhance the effect of the medication, as the saliva of the leech contains anti-inflammatory and other medicinal componentry. Leeches reduce the pain, reduce body temperature, relieve excessive stress and improve overall health. After the procedure of hirudotherapy leeches used immediately disposed of, so the probability of infection of a patient infectious disease of the previous patient is missing.

Today experts distinguish about four hundred species of leeches, but in the treatment of pathologies used exclusively by medical leeches.

A session of hirudotherapy can be conducted both in a sitting and supine position. At one time girudoterapevt can apply from one to eight leeches, but often doctors try to observe the Golden mean, using the procedure two or three medicinal leeches. Initially, the leech is placed in a glass vial, which is then applied to the desired area of the body. Suction usually occurs five to ten minutes and during the procedure from the patient is sucked from three to five milliliters of blood. When you bite the patient may feel a slight burning sensation. The procedure lasts about an hour, after which the leech eats independently and no longer from the patient or girudoterapevt remove it with a cotton swab.

Traces of the leeches

Often after courses of hirudotherapy the patient feels on the body the wound or hematoma, which are formed in areas with loose subcutaneous tissue. Substances in the saliva of leeches kill all the germs in the site of the bite, however, if the patient begins to brush the wound after the procedure or do not observe proper hygiene, the risk of infection increases. If the bites of leeches inflamed or red, you need to immediately seek girudoterapevt for advice.

Bitten by leeches the place it is advisable to soak after the procedure for several days to water they did not get the germs.

Usually the bites of leeches heal within ten to fifteen days, while the scars from them can disappear for several months. To speed up the process you can use healing and resolving ointments that will recommend girudoterapevt. Ideally suited for this purpose 1% hydrocortisone ointment, Eplun, Solkoseril, Solution, Drops or Boroplus. On the first day lubricate the traces of the leeches should not be by any other means – you can only use lotions with ice or cold water and vinegar or cottage cheese compresses.