Treatments "live eagle", also called leeches, unjustly forgotten come back and surprise their capabilities. With the help of numerous clinical trials doctors have proven the effectiveness of hirudotherapy in cosmetology.
Using "biting beauty" can make even a facelift, and get rid of scars, adhesions and scarring. Leech therapy stimulates blood circulation of skin, increases tone of facial muscles , pasty face decreases due to the drainage function of the leeches, there is a decrease in the nasolabial fold lifting of the upper eyelid.
Small leeches in the process of a cosmetic procedure, put on the face, and they excrete the blood, in it of harmful toxins. And instead together with saliva of the leech, blood comes in substances containing more than one hundred medical components, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and amino acids.
The effect of the treatment, most patients noticeable immediately after the first session and is reinforced in the next few days. Need the number of sessions determined by the physician, depending on the individual patient's needs.