How to make pasta shugaring

To make sugaring at home, you must arm yourself with a special mass. Pasta shugaring you can buy, but much cheaper to do it yourself. Take a deep enamel pot with lid. Pour her a kilogram of sugar, pour 7 tablespoons of water and 8 tablespoons of lemon juice. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and place the saucepan on a strong fire. Within two minutes, regularly stirring the mass. When you see that the sugar started to melt, reduce heat to low and cover the pan. Count forty minutes. Occasionally stir the sugar paste shugaring in the process of cooking. When the mixture starts to bubble, remove the lid from the pan and keep the pasta on the heat for another five minutes. Turn off the stove, pour the prepared mixture in a sturdy container made of plastic with airtight lid and allow to cool.

For this recipe you will make pasta shugaring, which will last for several months.

Do not reduce the quantity of necessary ingredients, otherwise the desired consistency of the sugar paste might not work.


How to make sugaring at home

For hair removal, wait until your hairs grow back to a length of 5-8 mm.

To make sugaring at home, you will need not only pasta, but also auxiliary materials. Neutralize the area of hair removal should be pre-chlorhexidine. They are also desirable to wipe the skin after plucking. Before removing hair in the armpits and bikini line convenient to use talc (common baby powder) to degrease the skin. Make sure to prepare wet and dry wipes to clean hands, sweet from the masses and wipe them off before kneading the sugar paste.

Select the area of hair removal and a cotton pad soaked in chlorhexidine, slide against the hair growth. Another piece of cotton will dry the skin, if necessary, use the powder.

Take a small piece of sugar paste, knead it in your hands, several times stretching in the horizontal plane, apply in place of the epilator against the hair growth, smoothing it. Cut the pasta in small spurts in growth, it does not try to delete the entire piece.

One piece of paste can be used several times until it loses operational properties. Also replace the grout in the transition to another area of hair removal.

After removing all the excess hair and clean the skin with chlorhexidine again. It will help to relieve irritation and soothe inflamed areas.

After epilation tightly close the container with the paste and store it until the next treatments in a cool, dark place. To make sugaring next time, heat pasta in a water bath at a temperature of about 40 degrees.