Advice 1: How to choose a pendant in a gift favorite

Jewelry are among the favorite things many girls, they can make them more tender and attractive. Deciding to give your favorite pendant, it is important to know how to choose the decoration was perfect for her mistress.
Pendant - best gift for girls
The pendant is one of the favorite jewelry of many girls, so it can give their favorite for birthday, New year, Valentine's Day or March 8. These products are today presented in a rather large range, however, despite this, not everyone knows what to choose for his girlfriend.

Rules for the choice of pendant

To this exquisite decoration, as a pendant, intensified the beauty of the girl, it is important to know certain mandatory rules for the selection of this type of jewelry. The first thing you should pay attention if you wish to make a gift to the beloved is a form of the product. Modern fashion knows no boundaries, so you can buy pendants of different shapes: symmetrical, asymmetrical, round, square, shaped like animals or plants. In this case the young man needs to know what the pendant is best to adorn the neck of his girlfriend. Easier to make the right choice of the pendant, knowing the preferences of his beloved, however, you can rely on your taste.

Experts recommend when choosing a pendant to take into account the shape of the face of its future owner: articles of elongated shape is certainly visually make the face thinner, and the round and oval forms tend to expand. Undoubtedly, most girls will be delighted with pendant in the form of woven hearts that symbolize the love of two young people. It is important to know that all the young girls are ideal graceful decoration on the neck, because they give the image of tenderness and romanticism. Usually large and heavy products suitable for women of a more Mature age.

When choosing the pendant is also a structure of the female neck: if the beloved young man is the owner of a fine Swan neck, it is better to buy a pendant on a short chain, and the decoration should be round shape and small size. If the neck of the girl is not very long and slim, fit her perfectly long chain and large pendant.

Silver pendant: how to choose jewelry?

Choose jewelry without precious stones much more difficult, because attention is drawn precisely on the particularities of the work itself. That is why it is best to buy silver pendants that are different original designs, weaves and engraving. These decorations always look expensive, exquisite and noble.

Many girls like pendant zodiac sign, this gift is sure to cause a lot of positive emotions. It is considered that such a product is a talisman for its owner. Among silver jewelry, you can also find many images that do not carry any semantic load, and are intended just for beauty.

The beauty of silver pendants are often accompanied by precious, semiprecious, or ornamental stones that jewelers used in the process of making jewelry. Silver is a unique material, its products can wear out of the clothing business or even a sports style, they are ideal for any girl's image. Knowing the taste preferences of his beloved, a man can easily pick up the pendant to her as a gift, but due to the large selection of this popular form of jewelry, you can buy a product that will please every girl.

Advice 2: How to make a pendant

The pendant can be made of large beads, adding to her bead harness the right color. This technique allows us to produce jewelry of different shapes and sizes, combining under one braid a few beads.
How to make a pendant
You will need
  • - bead;
  • - beads;
  • - threads;
  • - fine needle;
  • wax.
Make a tourniquet, which can be braided beads. To do this, pick up seven beads in the grated wax nylon thread and lock the row by threading the needle in the first bead. Weave the second row, stringing on the needle through one bead and threading it through the third, fifth and seventh beads.
Slightly pull the working thread, put it another bead and pass the needle through the first bead of the second row. By this time, you can stop counting, because the beads you want to thread the needle for weaving the next row will be noticeable above the rest. Continuing to thread the beads in a circle, make a tourniquet of such length that it turned out to be double the circumference, the center of which will be a place for decorative beads.
Secure the working thread into the last row of the harness and thread the needle through the bead. Placing the workpiece on a flat surface, wrap the end of the beaded braid around the beads and sew the harness several times by threading the needle through a bead and the two rows of braid. For more strength you can sew rows of braid to each other along the entire circumference.
To the resulting pendant you can attach a loop for threading a cord or chain. Cut the new worker thread and pass the needles in both of its end. Thread through the bead, located in the center of the top of the braid and thread in both the needle bead. Take another bead and thread in her thread crosswise. In this way weave short chain, fold it in half and secure the end into the bead, which began netting or, if the number of thread threaded through it, does not allow for this, hook the end loop on the next bead.
Instead of a loop to a pendant you can weave the chain in the same technique. Length beaded strips should be sufficient to put the pendant on his neck. Fixing the end of the braid pendant, thread both needles through all the beads that weave chain, in the reverse order. This will lend additional strength.
The pendant can be assembled from a few beads, braided harness. To do this, lay the workpiece on the table and stitch between the edge of the braids as they will be located in the finished product. Weave another harness and make it a common edge for the entire pendant.
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